Copying and publishing public records

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) can provide photocopies of public records, and printouts of microfilm and microfiche.  PROV reserves the right to select the most appropriate copy process, and reading room staff can advise the most suitable copying method on a case by case basis. The condition and size of the record, and the purpose for which the copy is required determine the way in which copies are made.  For example, where alternatives to the original records exist, such as microform or digitised copies, copies can be made from these.

Visitors to Public Record Office Victoria’s reading rooms are encouraged to use digital cameras to make digital copies of records.


How to order copies of public records

External ordering

Government agencies can order copies of records they have ordered, if they are not able to visit a reading room, by following these steps:

  • download the Government Agency Application for Photocopies form on the PROV website.
  • complete the form electronically and email to with the words COPYING REQUEST in the subject header.
  • the records will be assessed for the appropriate copying process, and a copying quotation will be emailed back with your COPYING REQUEST email.
  • sign the form and fax it back to Public Record Office Victoria as acceptance of the quotation:
    VAC Fax: (03) 9348 5656
    BAC Fax: (03) 5333 6609


How to pay for copies

This payment process applies for photocopying orders placed at both the VAC and BAC.

For external orders, government agencies can either pay by corporate/credit card, or by quoting a purchase order number or, requesting an invoice.

Payment type Instructions
Corporate/credit card When completing the credit card details on the copying application form, if the requesting officer is not the signatory on the credit card, a letter of delegated authority to use the credit card from the signatory needs to accompany the copying application form and endorsed quotation.
Invoicing If invoicing is selected on the faxed copying application form, please provide contact details of your office’s accounts payable section.
Purchase order A signed copy of the purchase order needs to be faxed back with the endorsed copying quotation.