What is VERS?

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) formed the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) in 1995 in response to the significant challenge of preserving digital records produced by Victorian Government agencies.

'Digital forever' is the fundamental goal of the strategy, which seeks to support agencies in managing and preserving complete, documented, and authentic digital records.

To achieve this goal, PROV has developed the following:

  • standards and specifications
  • VERS compliance program
  • methodologies to convert digital records into long-term formats known as VERS Encapsulated Objects (VEOs). See VEO creation for further information.
  • initiatives, such as research projects to explore digital recordkeeping, archiving and preservation.


VERS timeline



VERS Standard

VERS Standard

Standard for the long term management and preservation of digital records

VEO creation

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What are VERS encapsulated objects (VEOs) and how to create them?

Digital records transfer step-by-step

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How to transfer digital records to PROV

VERS compliant products

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Current products that meet technical specifications of the VERS Standard

Information for VERS vendors

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Making your software or digital storage media product VERS compliant

Digital Archive Program

server room

Increasing the value and use of Victoria’s digital and digitised records: a VERS initiative