About the project

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) is undertaking a Proof of Concept project with CenITex to test an eDiscovery tool on a sample set of Lotus Notes emails.

The tool will be tested to:

  • mine email data to eliminate redundant, obsolete and trivial emails (estimated to be up to 70%)
  • identify valuable content.

The project will document the following:

  • technology used
  • business rules trialed for email filtering
  • results and their effectiveness
  • recommendations for how to proceed with a more comprehensive trial (if this is deemed appropriate).


Why is PROV undertaking this project?

Victorian Government operations and activities are delivered within a legislative and policy framework that requires information to be accountable, available, valued and managed.

The current model for Lotus Notes email management and retrieval in much of Victorian Government does not fully meet these requirements.

Currently, access to email content for the purposes of analysis and evidence of decision making is limited, expensive and time consuming. As a result the potential value of the information held in email form is not fully realised.

PROV is undertaking a Proof of Concept project to develop and test a process that could address these failures and be made available for future re-use across departments.


Significant benefits for Victorian Government

  1. More efficient service delivery. Emails support all aspects of contemporary service delivery activities. A process improvement that delivers a more cost-effective and automated access to email will support an improvement in that service delivery activity.
  2. More transparent and accountable government. Email archives contain a tremendous amount of important information on decisions that have been made. Being able to quickly determine and explain the full context of government decisions supports transparency, and holds all public servants to account.
  3. Reduced costs of email storage and retrieval. An additional benefit in identifying relevant and useful email content and separating it from ephemeral content is that the total volume of storage can be reduced, so having a tangible impact on operational storage costs. Also the human capital cost of retrieval is reduced considerably by having a process to retrieve and filter email content quickly and effectively.