PROS 10/17 G2 Appraisal Guideline provides practical guidance and criteria that will enable Victorian government employees or consultants to appraise the value of records held by an agency.

Appraisal can be used for a number of different purposes in an agency’s records management programme. It is often used as part of record disposal, to determine the minimum length of time records need to be retained for. Appraisal can also be used to determine which records need to be created, provided with special protection, transferred to secondary storage, digitised, preserved, or targeted for audits.

Appraisal isn’t a process in itself, but typically part of another records management process, such as a vital records programme or developing a Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA).

Please note PROS 10/17 G2 Appraisal Guideline has been extended to 2017 and will be reviewed once PROS 10/13 Disposal Standard is revised.